Custom Bukkit/Spigot Plugins With Premium, User-Friendly Interfaces and Extreme Functionality

About NiruDev

I am a college student interested in coding and java plugin development. I have made numerous Bukkit/Spigot plugins with increased functionality and user-friendly interfaces. My first priority is, of course, studies (which is, by the way, computer science and engineering) but that doesn't deter me from providing the best solutions for you, your server and your community!

For further information about me, contact me on Skype.

Skype ID: nirupan07 (Please modify your request message so that I don't mistake you for spam.)

I spend most of my free time playing and developing on some of my favorite Minecraft Servers. You can join me in Minecraft anytime!Just hit me up on Skype and get to know me better! My in-game name (for Minecraft) is GODofCRAFTERS (a.k.a. NiruDev). I frequently switch between both. So if you see me online, just give me a shout and I might even do something special for you ;)